Working in and around Zaanstad

You need a permit to work in the Netherlands. This is known as a work permit [tewerkstellingsvergunning] (TWV). The government is exempting working refugees from Ukraine from the obligation to have this permit. However, this is subject to the condition that you are registered with the municipality of Zaanstad.

Anyone who works in the Netherlands is entitled to the statutory minimum wage from the age of 21. This is the minimum pay you must be paid if you work. Younger workers (15 to 21 9 years old) are entitled to the minimum youth wage. The minimum wage is intended to protect you from being underpaid. You can find more information about the minimum wage for 2022 at

NB: One condition for being able to work in the Netherlands is that you have a Citizen Service Number [Burgerservicenummer] (BSN) and a Dutch bank account.

Help finding work

If you are staying at a municipal reception centre and would like to work, the municipality will bring you into contact with temporary employment agencies and the Employer Services Desk [Werkgeversservicepunt] (WSP). If you would like this, you can request a meeting by contacting the reception centre coordinator at the reception centre you are staying at.

If you are staying with a host family and would like to work, you can register for a meeting by sending an e-mail to In the e-mail you should state your first name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, the languages you speak and any work experience you have. The municipality will then send you a date, time and location for the meeting as soon as possible.

NB: If you are going to do paid work, you will no longer be entitled to the living allowance. The same does not apply to other members of your family. If you have a job, you are obliged to inform the municipality of Zaanstad. You can do so by sending an e-mail to

For tips, experiences, regulations, pitfalls and stories from other refugees who were looking for work, you can consult the website: Alternatively you can visit the website: They can help you protect your rights on the labour market.

International credential evaluation

You can ask for your qualifications to be evaluated free of charge so that you know how valuable the qualifications you obtained in Ukraine are here in the Netherlands. This can help you find a job at a level which is appropriate for you. You can submit your request via the International Diploma Evaluation [Internationale Diploma Waardering] (IDW) website. To submit an application or obtain more information please visit the website:

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